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Sign Care

Sign care is a high-effective antioxidant based on peracetic acid that has a strong effect on bacteria (viruses, fungi, yeast, germs) and safety for use in the food and dairy…
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Sign Silver

SIGN SILVER is a synergized blend of silver and peroxide, stabilized for use as general purpose sanitizer for use mainly in CIP system for tanks, pipeline etc. in food and…
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Sign Hand

Antibacterial hand soap . dissolves easily any greasy or grimy stains on hands. Contains soft emulsifiers and is formulated with a balanced pH. Widely used by professionals for its antibacterial…
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Sign Pure

Sign pure liquid skin disinfectant based on isopropyl alcohol, a very effective disinfectant. In addition to special ingredients for skin care. Does not contain odor or dye, and therefore is…
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Sign Clean

A powerful antibacterial biodegradable cleaner without foaming (anti foaming) , with a fast action that allows the cleaning of all washable surfaces.
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Sign Alkaline

SIGN Alkaline is effective for the removal of protein and fat deposits. . When applying the product, a strong foam is produced which has very good adhesive properties. This results…
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Sign Acid

Acid strong detergent for the removal of detergent residues, mineral scale, dirt, grime, protein, inorganic residues like chalk deposits.
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These are the applications of our products

Beverage Industry


Drinking water and Supply water


Food Industry


Hotel & Restaurant




Poultry and Animals Farm


Swimming Pool


Vegetables and Fruits

Knowledge Center


Bacillus spp are aerobic spore forming rods that stain gram positive or gram variable. Except for few species the large majority have no pathogenic potential and have never been associated with…
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Cleaning Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting or sanitizing. Cleaning may and should occur before disinfecting or sanitizing surfaces. Cleaning is the removal of all foreign material from objects…
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Clostridium, genus of rod-shaped, usually gram-positive bacteria, members of which are found in soil, water, and the intestinal tracts of humans and other animals. Most species grow only in the complete absence of…
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Group of gram-negative bacteria (most common being the escherichia coli or E. coli which can grow at elevated temperatures) which can ferment lactose with the production of acid and gas…
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Salmonella are gram-negative, rod-shaped bacilli that can cause salmonellosis, a diarrheal illness in humans. Gram-negative bacteria usually have a cell wall composed of a thin layer of peptidoglycan, covered by a…
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Yeast & Mould

The large and diverse group of microscopic foodborne yeasts and molds (fungi) includes several hundred species. The ability of these organisms to attack many foods is due in large part…
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