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Egyptian Company Specialized In The Production Of Cleaning And Disinfection Chemicals Established In 2018.

Provider of cleaning and hygiene products serving customers in the healthcare, food and beverage, food service, retail and facility management sectors.

The company is based on a skillful technical staff and a research & development team. Signature Egypt specializes in developing its products with the participation of its customers. It also features prompt customer response according to changing requirements.

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Our Highlights

▼Our Mission :Build the best quality and cost-effective products through innovation, research and development

▼Our Vision: be the most trusted partner in total health.

Our Services

  •                         why our products

  •                                                – High-level disinfection and cleaning
  •                                                – Effective over a wide range of spores, virus, fungi , mould,gram positive and gram negative bacteria ,yeast and biofilm
  •                                                – Easy to use
  •                                                – Cost effective
  •                                                – Fast acting
  •                                                – Sufficient efficiency within the contact time.
  •                                                – Remains active in the presence of organic matter.
  •                                                – Good material compatibility
  •                                                – Easy protocol of application
  •                                                – Equipment and operation costs are low
  •                                                – Long shelf life
  •                                                – Does not create odor or alter the taste of foodstuffs or treated water in its diluted state
  •                                                – Solubility/free rinsing
  •                                                – Detectability
  •                                                – Biodegradability